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SignalChem has established itself as a leader in the development of innovative cell signaling products to meet the needs of scientist in basic research and drug discovery. The company has utilized its core capabilities of cellular signaling, molecular biology and protein biochemistry to generate more than 750 products as part of its current and continuously expanding product portfolio. One area of particular strength for the company is the production of highly purified human recombinant enzyme and protein targets. With this ever expanding library of enzymes and protein targets, SignalChem has invested additional resources to perform profiling of compounds as well as the production and validation of high quality isoform specific antibodies which are intended to recognize a single target; the protein of interest. We are pleased to provide our clients with access to high quality validated cell signaling products and compound profiling service.

Our current PRODUCT OFFERING encompasses enzymes, signaling proteins and antibodies.


In basic research and drug discovery, enzymes possessing catalytic activity are essential bait in drug discovery and have been extensively used in identifying specific compounds which inhibit or activate a given target; these compounds could eventually make their way into the clinic and be used for the treatment of various human diseases.

Within the Enzymes category, we currently offer:
Active Protein Kinases
Protein kinases are key mediators of cellular communication; this is achieved through the phosphorylation of key amino acids including serine, threonine and tyrosine. Targeting protein kinases has been extremely beneficial in the treatment of various human diseases and more than 10 drugs targeting protein kinases have been approved. We offer serine/threonine kinases, receptor tyrosine kinases, cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases and lipid kinases.

Active Protein Phosphatases
Protein phosphatases in general antagonize the effects of protein kinases through dephosphorylation of specific amino acids. Recently, this class of enzymes has been deemed to be important as drug targets for the treatment of various human diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Active Phosphodiesterases
Phosphodiesterases represent important therapeutic targets in the treatment of various disease settings including inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders like dementia as well as erectile dysfunction. To date, 7 different PDE inhibitors have been approved for use in the clinic.

Cell Signaling Reagents

Cellular communication is influenced by both extra- and intra-cellular factors that can modulate or regulate specific signaling cascades in both a positive and negative manner.

Within the Signaling Reagents category, we currently offer:
Cellular Proteins
Cellular proteins represent cell signaling intermediates, adaptor proteins, scaffolding proteins, molecular chaperones and transcription factors; these proteins are involved in the regulation of various biological processes including protein expression, cellular proliferation, oxidative stress, and apoptosis amongst others.

Peptide Substrates
Biologically active enzymes like kinases mediate their effects by specifically interacting with a given substrate and modifying them accordingly. The interaction between an enzyme and its cognate substrate(s) is highly precise and is known to occur on very specific amino acids. Based on this information, small synthetic peptides can be utilized in assaying specific enzymatic activity.

Enzymes require optimal conditions for maximal activity. Based on this specific requirement, we have produced very specific buffers to accompany our active enzymes so that researchers using our products achieve the best possible results.

Unactive Kinases
Unactive kinases represent enzymes which possess minimal or no biological activity; these types of reagents are often used in validation type of studies in drug discovery.


Antibodies are very important components in human biology; they have also aided in the quest to investigate the inner workings of a cell.

Within the Antibodies category, we currently offer:
Isoform Specific Antibodies
Access to highly validated biological ’reagents’ is of paramount importance in research and drug discovery. We are pleased to offer researchers a unique line of highly validated isoform specific antibodies that specifically recognize the intended target with the greatest affinity. All of these antibodies are counter-screened against the recombinant isoforms that SignalChem offers as a means of ensuring true specificity.

Primary Antibodies
To better serve the needs of researchers worldwide, and to complement our recombinant protein offering, we now offer monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against many of our recombinant proteins.

Secondary Antibodies
To further service the needs of researchers and to minimize ordering efforts, we offer secondary antibodies to assist you with your research needs.

Tag Antibodies
In cell based studies, many proteins are expressed with ’tags’ as these tags aid in establishing whether a target is expressed, at what level it is expressed and where it is localized. Further, these tags can aid in purification. To serve your needs in this area, we have developed a line of tag specific antibodies that can be utilized across various applications.

Our current SERVICE OFFERING includes compound selectivity profiling and custom protein development.
Compound Selectivity Profiling
SignalChem's compound selectivity profiling service utilizes a large and diverse panel of highly active protein kinase, phosphatase and phosphodiesterase targets that are produced internally. We offer a variety of screening services that can be customized to meet your specific research needs.

Custom Protein Development
SignalChem scientists will work with you to custom develop your target to the desired specifications.

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Business Development

SignalChem realizes the value in partnering with scientists and institutions in the life science community. If you are attempting to identify a product that is not currently commercially available or have developed a technology/product that you would like to commercialize through SignalChem, we would be pleased to review the opportunity.

Please contact us with this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you and working together.

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