Prices quoted on the SignalChem website are expressed in US dollars and apply to territories where SignalChem sells direct. Outside of these areas, check for designated distributors within the territory for pricing and ordering. Please note that prices are subject to change without notification.

If a price discrepancy exists between the quoted price on the website and the actual price, SignalChem will contact you prior to shipping your order for specific instructions. Should the list price quoted on the website be lower than the actual price of the product, SignalChem will charge you the lower price.

Placing an Order

SignalChem has launched a new Online Ordering System. Click here to place your order today. If you need to place an order by fax or email, download the following form [order form] and send it through by fax: 1-604-232-4601 or orders@signalchem.com. Be sure to include any special shipping instructions along with your order. Confirmation for both fax and email orders will be sent electronically to the specified email provided on the order form. To confirm your order by phone, please call 1-866-9 KINASE (54-6273).

Bulk Orders

All products supplied by SignalChem are available for purchase in bulk quantities or as a custom preparation. Should you require one of our products to be supplied in a larger pack size or have it formatted to meet your specific research requirements, please contact us by phone 1-866-9 KINASE (54-6273) with this opportunity.

Payment Terms

Terms of payment for Products are net thirty (30) days, unless otherwise specified. Pre-payment may be required prior to shipping in certain territories. All sales are F.C.A. from point of shipment, pre-paid and added to the invoice.


All orders received in North America by 1:00 PM PST (4:00 PM EST) Monday to Wednesday will usually be shipped out on the same day. North American customers will typically receive their orders within 1-2 business days. All shipments are F.C.A. from point of shipment, pre-paid and added to the invoice. Freight charges may include but not limited to: priority service and packaging materials.

SignalChem is not responsible for any brokerage, duties, taxes etc. that may be incurred by your order.


SignalChem typically maintains sufficient inventory to meet the needs of its clients and partners. If a product is placed on backorder, SignalChem will notify you of this at the time of your order and will do its best to fill the order within a thirty (30) day period. For items on backorder longer than the specified time interval, SignalChem will contact you to verify your order. Customers will be billed for the order upon shipment.

Refund Policy

SignalChem guarantees that all of its products meet the specific requirements set forth within the lot specific technical data sheets (TDS). Should you have a technical issue with one of our products, please contact our technical services group by phone 1-866-9 KINASE (54-6273) or by email: support@signalchem.com with your specific query. If it is determined, solely by SignalChem, that one of our products has failed to conform to the specifications set forth in the TDS, we will be pleased to replace the product free of charge or issue a credit for the total purchase price of the non-conforming product.
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Product Types
Enzymes Active Acetyltransferases Active Acetyltransferases
Enzymes Active Arginine Deiminases Active Arginine Deiminases
Enzymes Active GTPases/ATPases Active GTPases/ATPases
Enzymes Active Histone Deacetylases Active Histone Deacetylases
Enzymes Active Kinase Mutants Active Kinase Mutants
Enzymes Active Kinases Active Kinases
Enzymes Active Lipid Kinases Active Lipid Kinases
Enzymes Active Methyltransferases Active Methyltransferases
Enzymes Active Phosphatases Active Phosphatases
Enzymes Active Phosphodiesterases Active Phosphodiesterases
Enzymes Active Proteases Active Proteases
Antibodies Isoform Specific Antibodies Isoform Specific Antibodies
Antibodies Modification Antibodies Modification Antibodies
Antibodies Phospho Specific Antibodies Phospho Specific Antibodies
Antibodies Primary Antibodies Primary Antibodies
Antibodies Secondary Antibodies Secondary Antibodies
Antibodies Tag Antibodies Tag Antibodies
Biochemical Compounds
Biochemical Compounds Epigenetic Enzyme Activators Epigenetic Enzyme Activators
Biochemical Compounds Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitors Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitors
Biochemical Compounds Kinase Activators Kinase Activators
Biochemical Compounds Kinase Inhibitors Kinase Inhibitors
Biochemical Compounds Phosphatase Inhibitors Phosphatase Inhibitors
Biochemical Compounds siRNA Controls siRNA Controls
Biochemical Compounds siRNA Sets siRNA Sets
Signaling Proteins
Signaling Proteins Acetyl/Methyltransferases Acetyl/Methyltransferases
Signaling Proteins Adaptor Proteins Adaptor Proteins
Signaling Proteins Apoptosis Proteins Apoptosis Proteins
Signaling Proteins Arginine Deiminases Arginine Deiminases
Signaling Proteins Cell Cycle Proteins Cell Cycle Proteins
Signaling Proteins Cell Stress & Chaperone Proteins Cell Stress & Chaperone Proteins
Signaling Proteins Cellular Proteins Cellular Proteins
Signaling Proteins Deacetylase/Demethylases Deacetylase/Demethylases
Signaling Proteins Dihydropyrimidinase Dihydropyrimidinase
Signaling Proteins Dioxygenases Dioxygenases
Signaling Proteins Fructose Kinases Fructose Kinases
Signaling Proteins G-Proteins G-Proteins
Signaling Proteins Kinase Mutant Proteins Kinase Mutant Proteins
Signaling Proteins Kinase Protein Kinase Protein
Signaling Proteins Lysyl Oxidases Lysyl Oxidases
Signaling Proteins Microtubule/Actin Associated Proteins Microtubule/Actin Associated Proteins
Signaling Proteins Phospholipase C Proteins Phospholipase C Proteins
Signaling Proteins Superoxide Dismutase Superoxide Dismutase
Signaling Proteins Tau Proteins Tau Proteins
Signaling Proteins Transcription Proteins Transcription Proteins
Signaling Proteins Ubiquitin Proteins Ubiquitin Proteins
Signaling Proteins Unactive Kinases Unactive Kinases
Signaling Reagents
Signaling Reagents Assay Reagents Assay Reagents
Signaling Reagents Lipid Substrates Lipid Substrates
Signaling Reagents Oligo Substrates Oligo Substrates
Signaling Reagents Peptide Substrates Peptide Substrates
Signaling Reagents Protein Substrates Protein Substrates
Extracellular Ligands
Extracellular Ligands Chemokines Chemokines
Extracellular Ligands Cytokines Cytokines
Extracellular Ligands Growth Factors Growth Factors
Discovery Services
Compound Selective Profiling Compound Selectivity Profiling
Custom Protein Development Custom Protein Development

Research Categories
AKT/PKB Pathway AKT/PKB Pathway
Angiogenesis Angiogenesis
Apoptosis/Autophagy Apoptosis/Autophagy
Cancer Cancer
Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease
Cell Cycle Cell Cycle
Cellular Stress Cellular Stress
Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases
ERK/MAPK Pathway ERK/MAPK Pathway
Inflammation Inflammation
Invasion/Metastasis Invasion/Metastasis
JAK/STAT Pathway JAK/STAT Pathway
JNK/SAPK Pathway JNK/SAPK Pathway
Lipid Kinases Lipid Kinases
Metabolic Disorder Metabolic Disorder
Neurobiology Neurobiology
NfkB Pathway NfkB Pathway
p38 Pathway p38 Pathway
Phosphatases Phosphatases
Phosphodiesterases Phosphodiesterases
PKA/PKC Pathway PKA/PKC Pathway
Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Receptor Tyrosine Kinases
Ser/Thr Kinases Ser/Thr Kinases
WNT Signaling WNT Signaling

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