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SignalChem's Compound Selective Profiling

Key Features and Benefits

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio = Greater Confidence in Your Results

Assays Performed In Triplicate = Statistically Relevant Results

2-week Turnaround Time = Efficiency in the Discovery Process

Screening Highlights

SignalChem's compound selectivity profiling service utilizes a large and diverse panel of highly active protein kinase, phosphatase, phosphodiesterase and histone deactylase enzyme targets that are produced in our manufacturing facility. SignalChem's active enzyme targets are subjected to rigorous quality control analyses and are extensively assayed against a panel of biologically relevant substrates ensuring that all reactions are performed under optimal assay conditions.

Compound Selective Profiling

SignalChem's compound selectivity profiling service determines the respective inhibitory profile and the putative mechanism of action. All compounds are profiled against a panel of targets either using an individual dose, a single concentration or at multiple concentrations in order to allow in-depth IC50 determinations. In addition, the protein kinase assays can be performed under varying ATP concentrations to evaluate the competitive effects of ATP.

The compound selectivity profiling service offered by SignalChem is a very economical and convenient approach to the drug discovery continuum with a two-week turnaround of your specific profiling results. Compounds can be supplied by the client as DMSO stocks of known concentration, as solid material in vials, or in 96-well plates.

Compound Selective Profiling

SignalChem Targets

SignalChem produces a diverse and ever-expanding range of targets that are actively being pursued from a drug development perspective, with a main focus on signaling proteins including active protein kinases and phosphatases.

SignalChem's highly purified active enzymes are generated from the full-length human genes and are mutation free. These targets do not harbor any activating mutations, as it is well established that these mutations do not occur in vivo in the disease state.

Target Categories:
All   |  Active Kinases  |  Active Phosphatases  |  Active Kinase Mutants  |  Active Phosphodiesterases  |  Active Histone Deacetylases  |  Active Acetyltransferases  |  Active Methyltransferases  |  Active GTPases/ATPases  |  Active Lipid Kinases  |  Active Methyltransferases

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GNAI3     VCP  
ABL1 (h)   ABL1 (H396P)
ABL1 (m)   ABL1 Mutant (E255K)
ABL1 Mutant (E255V)   ABL1 Mutant (F317I)


JAK2*: Patent restrictions on this product exclude it as a profiling target for US customers.


The selectivity profile of any small molecule is of fundamental clinical importance as part of the drug development process. The information yielded from these studies will undoubtedly provide useful insight into the proposed mechanism of action of a given compound as well as leading to the identification of "off" target effects, thus leading to the selection of better lead candidates.


SignalChem maintains all information under the strictest confidentiality. All information and or materials supplied by the customer will be used as directed by the client. Upon completion of the project, all materials will be either returned to the client or disposed of accordingly. SignalChem is willing to execute confidentiality agreements with its clients.
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Product Types
Enzymes Active Acetyltransferases Active Acetyltransferases
Enzymes Active Arginine Deiminases Active Arginine Deiminases
Enzymes Active GTPases/ATPases Active GTPases/ATPases
Enzymes Active Histone Deacetylases Active Histone Deacetylases
Enzymes Active Kinase Mutants Active Kinase Mutants
Enzymes Active Kinases Active Kinases
Enzymes Active Lipid Kinases Active Lipid Kinases
Enzymes Active Methyltransferases Active Methyltransferases
Enzymes Active Phosphatases Active Phosphatases
Enzymes Active Phosphodiesterases Active Phosphodiesterases
Enzymes Active Proteases Active Proteases
Antibodies Isoform Specific Antibodies Isoform Specific Antibodies
Antibodies Modification Antibodies Modification Antibodies
Antibodies Phospho Specific Antibodies Phospho Specific Antibodies
Antibodies Primary Antibodies Primary Antibodies
Antibodies Secondary Antibodies Secondary Antibodies
Antibodies Tag Antibodies Tag Antibodies
Biochemical Compounds
Biochemical Compounds Epigenetic Enzyme Activators Epigenetic Enzyme Activators
Biochemical Compounds Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitors Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitors
Biochemical Compounds Kinase Activators Kinase Activators
Biochemical Compounds Kinase Inhibitors Kinase Inhibitors
Biochemical Compounds Phosphatase Inhibitors Phosphatase Inhibitors
Biochemical Compounds siRNA Controls siRNA Controls
Biochemical Compounds siRNA Sets siRNA Sets
Signaling Proteins
Signaling Proteins Acetyl/Methyltransferases Acetyl/Methyltransferases
Signaling Proteins Adaptor Proteins Adaptor Proteins
Signaling Proteins Apoptosis Proteins Apoptosis Proteins
Signaling Proteins Arginine Deiminases Arginine Deiminases
Signaling Proteins Cell Cycle Proteins Cell Cycle Proteins
Signaling Proteins Cell Stress & Chaperone Proteins Cell Stress & Chaperone Proteins
Signaling Proteins Cellular Proteins Cellular Proteins
Signaling Proteins Deacetylase/Demethylases Deacetylase/Demethylases
Signaling Proteins Dihydropyrimidinase Dihydropyrimidinase
Signaling Proteins Dioxygenases Dioxygenases
Signaling Proteins Fructose Kinases Fructose Kinases
Signaling Proteins G-Proteins G-Proteins
Signaling Proteins Kinase Mutant Proteins Kinase Mutant Proteins
Signaling Proteins Kinase Protein Kinase Protein
Signaling Proteins Lysyl Oxidases Lysyl Oxidases
Signaling Proteins Microtubule/Actin Associated Proteins Microtubule/Actin Associated Proteins
Signaling Proteins Phospholipase C Proteins Phospholipase C Proteins
Signaling Proteins Superoxide Dismutase Superoxide Dismutase
Signaling Proteins Tau Proteins Tau Proteins
Signaling Proteins Transcription Proteins Transcription Proteins
Signaling Proteins Ubiquitin Proteins Ubiquitin Proteins
Signaling Proteins Unactive Kinases Unactive Kinases
Signaling Reagents
Signaling Reagents Assay Reagents Assay Reagents
Signaling Reagents Lipid Substrates Lipid Substrates
Signaling Reagents Oligo Substrates Oligo Substrates
Signaling Reagents Peptide Substrates Peptide Substrates
Signaling Reagents Protein Substrates Protein Substrates
Extracellular Ligands
Extracellular Ligands Chemokines Chemokines
Extracellular Ligands Cytokines Cytokines
Extracellular Ligands Growth Factors Growth Factors
Discovery Services
Compound Selective Profiling Compound Selectivity Profiling
Custom Protein Development Custom Protein Development

Research Categories
AKT/PKB Pathway AKT/PKB Pathway
Angiogenesis Angiogenesis
Apoptosis/Autophagy Apoptosis/Autophagy
Cancer Cancer
Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease
Cell Cycle Cell Cycle
Cellular Stress Cellular Stress
Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases
ERK/MAPK Pathway ERK/MAPK Pathway
Inflammation Inflammation
Invasion/Metastasis Invasion/Metastasis
JAK/STAT Pathway JAK/STAT Pathway
JNK/SAPK Pathway JNK/SAPK Pathway
Lipid Kinases Lipid Kinases
Metabolic Disorder Metabolic Disorder
Neurobiology Neurobiology
NfkB Pathway NfkB Pathway
p38 Pathway p38 Pathway
Phosphatases Phosphatases
Phosphodiesterases Phosphodiesterases
PKA/PKC Pathway PKA/PKC Pathway
Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Receptor Tyrosine Kinases
Ser/Thr Kinases Ser/Thr Kinases
WNT Signaling WNT Signaling

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