SignalChem understands how important it is for the researchers to source high-quality antibodies while working on research projects involving new proteins and other antigens of interest. SignalChem offers a comprehensive range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies including primary & secondary antibodies, paralog-specific antibodies, modification antibodies, phospho-specific antibodies, and tag antibodies to support life science research. We also work with scientists to develop custom recombinant antibodies in various cell systems, ready to be used in different immunoassays.

Name Catalog Number
Anti-AKT3 A18-63R
Anti-AMPK alpha 1 P47-63R
Anti-CAMK1 C07-60M
Anti-CHK2 C48-60M
Anti-ERK1 M29-60M
Anti-ERK1 M29-60BM
Anti-GSK3 alpha G08-63R
Anti-GSK3 beta G09-60M
Anti-HSP90 beta H36-63R
Anti-JAK2 J02-63R
Anti-JNK1 M33-63R
Anti-JNK2 M34-60M
Anti-MEK1 M02-60M
Anti-MEK2 M03-63R
Anti-p38 alpha M39-63R
Anti-p38 beta M36-63R
Anti-p38 gamma M37-63R
Anti-PAK1 P02-63R
Anti-PKC delta P64-63CR
Anti-PKC delta P64-63R
Anti-PKC mu P72-63R
Anti-PKC theta P74-63R
Anti-SMAD2 S11-63R
Anti-STAT1 S52-63R
Anti-STAT3 S54-63BR
Anti-STAT3 S54-63R
Anti-STAT4 S55-63R
Anti-STAT5 S56-63R
Anti-STAT5 S56-63BR



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