Assay Buffer and Co-Factors

Assay Buffer and Co-Factors

Bioreagents are crucial components in regular laboratory applications like enzyme assays. Without high-quality reagents, it is impossible to generate desired assay results, hampering important disease research and drug discovery projects. Our scientific team has over 100 years of combined research and industrial experience in the recombinant proteins and bioreagent production.

SignalChem’s expertise allows us to understand the importance of the quality of assay reagents and substrates in research and our goal is to provide highest-quality bioreagents to the global scientific community. We offer high quality and cost-effective bioreagents such as assay reagents, peptide substrates, oligo substrates, lipid substrates, and more.

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Name Catalog Number
Acetyltransferase Assay Buffer A01-09
Acetyltransferase Dilution Buffer A21-09
AMP Solution A46-09
ATP Stock Solution A50-09
Ca2+/Calmodulin Solution II, 10x C02-39B
CaCl2 Solution C02-09
cAMP Solution A47-09
cGMP Solution G47-09
DTT Solution D86-09B
DTT Solution D86-09
DUB Reaction Buffer (4X) D01-09
Fructose Kinase Assay Buffer I F01-09
Fructose Kinase Dilution Buffer I F21-09
GTP Solution G50-09
GTP Solution II G50-09B
Kinase Assay Buffer I K01-09
Kinase Assay Buffer II K02-09
Kinase Assay Buffer III K03-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer I K21-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer II K22-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer III K23-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer IV K24-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer IX K29-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer V K25-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer VI K26-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer VII K27-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer VIII K28-09
Kinase Dilution Buffer X K20-09
Lipid Dilution Buffer L21-09
Lipid Dilution Buffer II L22-09
Lipid Kinase Buffer L01-09
Methyltransferase Assay Buffer I M01-09
Methyltransferase Assay Buffer II M02-09
Methyltransferase Assay Buffer III M03-09
Methyltransferase Assay Buffer IV M04-09
Methyltransferase Dilution Buffer I M21-09
Methyltransferase Dilution Buffer II M22-09
Methyltransferase Dilution Buffer III M23-09
Methyltransferase Dilution Buffer IV M24-09
MnCl2 Solution M40-09
Neddylation Buffer N01-09
Peptide Dilution Buffer P58-09
Phosphatase Assay Buffer I P01-09
Phosphatase Assay Buffer II P02-09
Phosphatase Assay Buffer III P03-09
Phosphatase Dilution Buffer I P21-09
Phosphatase Dilution Buffer II P22-09
Phosphatase Dilution Buffer III P23-09
PKC Lipid Activator, 10x L51-39
Protein MetalloPhosphatase Buffer (10X) P24-09



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