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DAPK1, Active

Recombinant human DAPK1 (1-363) was expressed by baculovirus in Sf9 insect cells using an N-terminal GST tag.
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Death-associated protein kinase 1 (DAPK1) is a positive mediator of apoptosis induced by γ-interferon. Activation of DAPK occurs via dephosphorylation of Ser-308 and subsequent association of calcium/calmodulin (1). DAPK is rapidly dephosphorylated in response to tumor necrosis factor or ceramide and then subsequently degraded via proteasome activity. The decline in DAPK expression is paralleled with increased caspase activity and cell apoptosis. Studies suggest that the apoptosis regulatory activities mediated by DAPK are controlled both by phosphorylation status and protein stability (2).

Gene Aliases:

DAPK, DKFZp781I035

Genbank Number:


1. Deiss, L. P. et al: Identification of a novel serine/threonine kinase and a novel 15-kD protein as potential mediators of the gamma interferon-induced cell death. Genes Dev.1995; 9: 15-30.

2. Feinstein, E. et al: Assignment of DAP1 and DAPK: genes that positively mediate programmed cell death triggered by IFN-gamma--to chromosome regions 5p12.2 (sic) and 9q34.1, respectively. Genomics. 1995; 29: 305-307.

Specific Activity:

Sample Kinase Activity Plot. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.


Sample Purity Data. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.

Storage, Stability and Shipping:

Store product at –70oC. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Molecular Weight:

~71 kDa


Apoptosis/Autophagy, Cancer, Cellular Stress, ERK/MAPK Pathway, Inflammation, Neurobiology, Ser/Thr Kinases


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