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PAD6 siRNA Set I

PAD6 is a pool of three individual synthetic siRNA duplexes designed to knock-down human PAD6 mRNA expression. Each siRNA is 19-25 bases in length.
Catalog No. P312-911E

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Catalog No. Pack Size Price (USD)
P312-911E-05 5 nmol $655
P312-911E-20 20 nmol $1205
P312-911E-50 50 nmol $2085
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PAD6 or PADI6 is a member of the peptidylarginine deiminases which convert arginine residues to citrulline residues in the presence of calcium ions. The PAD family members are thought to be involved in multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis pathophysiology, and they play a role in epidermis homeostasis (1). PAD6 is essential for formation of a novel oocyte-restricted fibrous structure, the cytoplasmic lattices (CPLs). PAD6/CPL superstructure plays a key role in regulating microtubule-mediated organelle positioning and movement (2).

Gene Aliases:


Genbank Number:


1. Vossenaar, E R. Et al: PAD, a growing family of citrullinating enzymes: genes, features and involvement in disease. Bioessays. 2003 Nov;25(11):1106-18.

2. Kan, R. Et al: Regulation of mouse oocyte microtubule and organelle dynamics by PADI6 and the cytoplasmic lattices. Dev Biol. 2011 Feb 15;350(2):311-22.


PAD6 siRNAs are designed to specifically knock-down human PAD6 expression.

Reconstitution Protocol:

Each siRNA duplex is supplied as 2.5nmol per tube (for example 6 x 2.5nmol = 3 x 5nmol per duplex). Briefly centrifuge one tube per duplex (maximum RCF 4,000g) to collect lyophilized siRNA at the bottom of the tube. Resuspend each 2.5nmol tube in 50 ul of DEPC-treated water (included in kit), which results in a 1x stock solution (50 uM). Gently pipet the solution 3-5 times to mix and avoid the introduction of bubbles. Optional: aliquot 1x stock solutions for storage.

Storage and Stability:

The lyophilized powder is stable for at least 4 weeks at room temperature. It is recommended that the lyophilized and resuspended siRNAs are stored at or below -20oC. After resuspension, siRNA stock solutions ≥2 uM can undergo up to 50 freeze-thaw cycles without significant degradation. For long-term storage, it is recommended that the siRNA is stored at -70oC. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.


Lyophilized powder

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