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p19INK4D Protein

Recombinant full-length human p19INK4D was expressed in E. coli cells using an N-terminal GST tag.
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p19INK4D protein is associated with CDK6 in several hematopoietic cell lines. It has been demonstrated that p19INK4D expression enhances cell survival under genotoxic conditions (1). By using p19INK4D-overexpressing cells, it has been demonstrated that p19INK4D expression correlates with the cellular resistance to UV treatment with increased DNA repair activity against UV-induced lesions. p19INK4D regulates protein network that integrate DNA repair, apoptosis and checkpoint mechanisms in order to maintain the genomic integrity (2).

Gene Aliases:

CDKN2D, p19, INK4D, p19-INK4D

Genbank Number:


1. Guan, K.L. et al: Isolation and characterization of p19INK4d, a p16-related inhibitor specific to CDK6 and CDK4. Mol Biol Cell. 1996; 7(1): 57–70.

2. Julieta, M. et al: Induction of p19INK4d in response to ultraviolet light improves DNA repair and confers resistance to apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells. Oncogene, 2005; 24: 4065–4080


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Storage, Stability and Shipping:

Store product at –70oC. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Molecular Weight:

~44 kDa

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Cancer, Cell Cycle


  TAOK1, Active, T24-11G

  TAOK2, Active, T25-11G

  CDK6/CyclinD1, Active, C35-18H

  CDC7 Protein, C26-30G



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