GTPases & ATPases

GTPases & ATPases

ATPases and GTPases are two different families of hydrolase enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of the third phosphate of ATP and GTP into ADP and GDP respectively. While human ATPases mainly facilitate the transport of cellular metabolites by harnessing the energy released from the ATP hydrolysis, the GTPases conventionally act as “molecular switches” that are essential mediators of signal transduction in the cells. Dephosphorylation of ATP and GTP is an important chemical process in all forms of life, therefore ATPases and GTPases are spread ubiquitously across the plant and the animal kingdom. Mutations in members of these families of enzymes have been observed in many human diseases such as cancer and metabolic disorders. For example, the founding member of the small GTPase Superfamily, Ras, is mutated in about 15% of all human tumors.

SignalChem manufactures high-quality active GTPase and ATPase enzymes such as G protein α subunits, Ras, Rac, and Rho. Our recombinant ATPases/GTPases are perfect candidates to be included in enzyme activity assays and their inhibitor profiling studies. SignalChem's active GTPases are tested exclusively using Promega's GTPase-Glo™ Assay.

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Name Catalog Number
GNA11 Protein G116-30G
GNA13 Protein G118-30G
GNA14 Protein G119-30G
GNAZ Protein G131-30G
HRAS1 (G12V) Protein R05-32H
KRAS (G12C) Protein R06-32DH
KRAS (G12D) Protein R06-32BH
KRAS (G12V) Protein R06-32CH
RAS Protein R05-30G
RGS1 Protein R39-30H
RHEB Protein R42-30H
RhoA Mutant (S188A) Protein R44-32AH



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