Growth Factors

Growth Factors

SignalChem offers a wide range of recombinant cytokines, chemokines and growth factors manufactured under strict quality controls. With high purity and endotoxin levels of ≤ 0.1 ng/ug (IEU/ug), our ligands are perfect candidates to be included in your research and drug discovery projects.

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Name Catalog Number
4-1BB Receptor (TNFRSF9) F802-40N
Adiponectin (Acrp30) A801-40N
AITRL (TNFSF18) A828-40N
AREG A875-40N
B-cell Maturation Protein (TNFRSF17) B819-40N
Beta-Defensin 1 (DEFB1) B823-40N
Beta-Defensin 2 (DEFB4A) D822-40N
Beta-Defensin 3 (DEFB103A) D823-40N
Cardiotrophin-1 (CT-1) C801-40N
CCL2 M821-40N
CCL21 E882-40N
CCL22 M832-40N
CCL3 M841-40N
CCL4 M841-40BN
CD40 Ligand (CD40LG) C810-40N
CNTF C851-40N
CXCL1 G871-40N
CXCL11 I822-40N
CXCL12 (SDF-1 alpha) S821-402N
CXCL12 (SDF-1 beta) S821-40BN
CXCL14 (BRAK) M842-40N
CXCL16 C890-40N
CXCL2 G872-40N
DHH D834-40N
EGF E801-40N
Eotaxin (CCL11) E852-40N
EPO E860-40N
FGF1 F819-40N
FGF10 F830-40N
FGF16 F836-40N
FGF17 F837-40N
FGF18 F838-40N
FGF2 F820-40N
FGF20 F840-40N
FGF21 F841-40N
FGF3 F823-40N
FGF4 F824-40N
FGF8 F828-40N
Fractalkine (CX3CL1) F870-40N
G-CSF (CSF3) G805-40N
Galectin-1 (LGALS1) G802-40N
GDNF G831-40N
GH1 G807-402N
GM-CSF (CSF2) G806-40N
GMFB G842-40N
GRO gamma (CXCL3) G873-40N
HB-EGF (Heparin Binding EGF) H805-40N
HCC-1 (CCL14) H811-40N
IFNA1 (IFN-alpha1) I834-40N
IFNA4 I836-40N
IGF1 I811-40N
IGF2 I812-40N
IGFBP3 I813-40N
IL11 I871-40N
IL13 I873-40N
IL15 I875-40N
IL16 I876-40N
IL17A I877-40N
IL17D I877-40DN
IL17F I877-40FN
IL19 I879-40N
IL1A I861-40N
IL1B I861-40BN
IL1RN I860-40N
IL2 I862-40BN
IL22 I882-40N
IL28A I888-40N
IL3 I863-40N
IL33 I893-40N
IL36A I896-40N
IL36B I896-40BN
IL36G I896-40CN
IL37/IL23 I883-40N
IL4 I864-40N
IL5 I865-40N
IL6 I866-40N
IL7 I867-40N
IL8 (72aa) I868-40BN
IL8 (77aa) I868-40CN
IL9 I869-40N
IP-10 (CXCL10) I838-40BN
KGF (FGF7) K818-40N
Leptin (LEP) L833-40BN
LIF L845-40N
LTA T861-402N
MANF M805-40N
Maspin (SerpinB5) M806-40N
MCP-3 (CCL7) M823-40N
MCP-4 (CCL13) M824-40N
MIA M837-40N
Midkine (NEGF2) M838-40N
MIF M840-40N
MIP-3 (CCL23) M843-40N
MIP-4 (CCL18) M844-40N
MMP2 M846-40N
MSTN G818-40N
Nodal N822-40N
OSM O841-40N
PDGFB P842-40N
Persephin (PSPN) P870-40N
PlGF P829-40N
Prolactin (PRL) P852-40N
Resistin (RETN) R821-40N
S100A4 S801-40N
SHH S851-40N
Stem Cell Factor (KITLG) S816-40N
TFF1 T811-40N
TFF3 T813-40N
TGF Beta-3 (TGFB3) T833-40N
TGFB1 T831-40N
Thymosin-Beta 4 (TMSB4X) T897-40N
TNF T860-40BN
TNF-beta T861-40BG
TSLP T896-40N
TWEAK (TNFSF12) T893-40N
TWEAK Receptor (TNFRSF12A) T883-40N
Uteroglobin (SCGB1A1) U866-40N
VEGF (121aa) V810-40N
VEGF (165aa) V815-40N
VEGFB V811-40N
WISP3 W810-40N



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