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Src I1

SRC kinase inhibitor
Catalog No. S19-901

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Potent, competitive dual site (ATP- and substrate-binding domains) Src and Lck inhibitor (IC50 = 44 and 88 nM respectively). Also inhibits VEGFR2 and c-fms at higher concentrations (IC50 = 0.32 and 30 uM respectively).


1. Tian et al. Biochem. 2001 40:7084

2. J Bain et al. Biochem. J. 2007 408:297

CAS Registry Number:


Molecular Formula:



White solid

Melting Point:


Molecular Weight:



≥98% (TLC; 5% CH3OH in CH2Cl2; Rf=0.43); NMR (Conforms)


Soluble in DMSO (15 mg/ml); Ethanol (nil)



Storage and Stability:

Store desiccated as supplied at ambient temperature for up to 3 years. Store solutions at -20oC for up to 3 months.

Molecular Structure:

Product Datasheets

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Angiogenesis, Apoptosis/Autophagy, Cancer, Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases, ERK/MAPK Pathway, Inflammation, Invasion/Metastasis, JAK/STAT Pathway



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