Compounds such as enzyme activity modulators (activators and inhibitors) are important tools to study an enzyme’s role in key cell signaling pathways and enzymatic reactions. SignalChem offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of biologically active recombinant enzymes as well as a broad range of high- quality/low-cost enzyme activators and inhibitors of different classes of enzymes including protein kinases, phosphatases, and epigenetic enzymes. These compounds would enable scientists to study cell signaling pathways and facilitate enzyme research and drug discovery projects.

Name Catalog Number
6BIO G08-900
7-CL-O-Nec-1 R07-901B
A83-01 A09-900
AAL-993 F11-900C
AG-1296 P12-900
AG-1478 E10-900B
AG-1517 K11-900B
AG-490 J02-901
AG-879 N28-909B
Alsterpaullone G09-901C
Amlexanox T02-901
Apigenin K10-900C
AR-A014418 G09-901
AS-041164 P29-901
AS-605240 P27-901
BAY 11-7082 C51-900
BML-259 C33-901
BML-277 C48-901
BRD-7389 R15-901
CHIR-99021 G09-901B
CID-2011756 P72-901
CZC-54252 HCl L10-901
Dabrafenib B08-901
Dasatinib S19-901B
Deguelin A16-900B
Dibutyryl cAMP P51-901
Dimethylsphingosine S17-900
DMPQ 2 HCl P13-901
Doramapimod M39-900
Dorsomorphin P47-900
Erlotinib HCl E10-900C
Everolimus F17-901D
Fasudil HCl R10-900
Flavopiridol HCl C22-900
Gefitinib E10-900
Genistein K11-900
GF-109203X P61-900
GSK-690693 HCl A16-900
GW-441756 N28-909
GW-5074 R01-901B
GW2580 C74-901
H-89 2HCl P51-900B
HA-100 2HCl K10-900F
Hypericin P61-900C
IM-12 G09-901D
Imatinib mesylate A03-901B
IQ-1S M35-901B
JX-401 M39-901
K252A K10-900D
K252B K10-900E
KT-5823 P78-900
KT5720 P51-900
KU-55933 A26-901
Lapatinib E10-900D
Lenvatinib K01-901
Lestaurtinib F12-901
LFM-A13 B10-901
LH-846 C67-901
Locostatin R01-901C
LY-294002 P27-900C
LY-364947 T07-901
LYS6K2 R15-900
MLS-573151 C08-909
Necrostatin-1 R07-901
Nilotinib A03-901
NPC-15437 P61-900B
NVP-BEZ235 F17-900
Parthenolide I03-901B
PD-325901 M02-901B
PD-98059 M02-900
Phorbol-12-myristate-13 acetate P61-900D
Piceatannol I01-901
Picropodophyllotoxin I02-901
PKC-412 K10-900B
PP1 S19-900
PP2 S19-900B
PX-866 P27-900
R-59022 D21-900
Rapamycin F17-901
Regorafenib K01-900
Reversine A28-900
Ro 31-6045 R21-901
Roscovitine C22-901
Ruxolitinib J01-901
SB-202190 M39-900B
SB-203580 M39-900C
SC-514 I03-901
Sorafenib R01-900
SP-600125 M33-900
Src I1 S19-901
SRPIN340 S21-901
Staurosporine K10-900
STO-609 C17-900
SU-1498 F11-900E
SU-4312 F11-900F
Sunitinib malate F11-900G
TG003 C57-901
U-0126 M02-901
Vandetanib F11-900
Vatalanib 2HCl F11-900D
VX-702 M39-900D
WHI-P131 J03-901
Wortmannin P27-900B
Y-27632 2HCl R10-900B
ZM-306416 F11-900B
ZM-336372 R01-901
ZM-447439 A31-901



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